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Healthy Living: How to develop Healthy Behaviour

The most important part of living healthy is to believe that you’re living healthy. Many of us who are prone to getting anxiety and stress attacks, according to leading psychologists, are more likely be more cynical about life and also tend to overthink simple issues. If in your mind you think that you’re healthy, you’ll start behaving in a more vigorous manner which would, in turn, help you in giving you a long and healthy life.


Many of you might not know this, but your daily routine has a significant role to play whether you stay healthy or not. Your eating habits, sleeping habits and the amount of activity you do each day all have a great influence on your health. These habits or behaviours have a direct correlation with your with your health for example if you eat a lot every day (especially a lot of junk food) you’re bound to get fat whereas on the other hand if you don’t eat all that much you’ll get fragile. Finding the balance between the two extreme opposites is where the key to healthy living lies.


For all those of us wondering the need for a healthy lifestyle, well it’s pretty simple. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t only affect one rather multiple aspects of your health which include:

  1. Your ability to maintain the perfect weight for your height
  2. The ageing process of both your mind and body
  3. Your risk of developing various diseases,eg, chronic disease

When we talk about a healthy lifestyle, one is bound to ask the question to how one achieves this very way of life. Before moving towards a healthy way of life, one needs to change certain aspects of their life that are affecting their health in a very adverse way. The researchers at Northwestern University used a particular method based on four validated techniques to help participants make healthy behavioral changes. These are:


  1. Self-monitoring

    the only person who can help become a better version of yourself is you. Nobody spoon-feeds you these days, and you almost always have to take the initiative to get results. You need to be your captain regarding regulating your diet or exercise to be able to move towards living a little healthier.

  2. Goal setting

    this is a paramount aspect when it comes to getting results. First, you need to make sure you know all that you’re doing wrong throughout the day, only when you have identified the problem can you move towards fixing it. You then set a goal for yourself that you imagine you’ll need to accomplish before you can declare yourself healthily. It’s also advisable to incentive’s yourself in the case of achieving your goals to be able to stay more content and focused.

  3. Feedback

    Feedback is important, it always is. It acts in a way, as a second opinion which you can use whenever you start doubting yourself. Getting regular opinions from those who love you about your behavior and how you can improve it is one of the quickest possible methods to achieving the perfect healthy lifestyle.

  4. Social support

    The last one is perhaps one of the most important ones as it keeps you in check in case you try falling off of the ledge. Your friends and family can support you throughout your getting healthier process by lending their support and ears whenever you need them. In this way, they provide you with the support that helps you accomplish your goals.


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