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5 Acid-forming foods to avoid during Holiday Season

Being aware of the dangers that come with acid-forming foods, all of us would want to know about the food that needs to be avoided. Consider the fact that “health” whether bad or good and diet has a collective effect in the body. Your poor food choices may have taken 20, 30 years, or more to assume a negative role in your good health but I can assure you that the development of disease set in long before you start to notice any symptoms. Similarly, the process of healing through the selection of positive food choices is also concurrent to time.

Eating acid-forming foods cause our blood to become acidic, which means it will be thick. Thick blood means that your blood will move slowly reducing the effective function of carrying nutrients to every part of our body. Thick blood “hosts” a multitude of harmful organisms (virus, bacteria, parasites, yeast, etc.). Over time, it starts to clog up the detox organs and result in other health issues. Therefore, avoid the following food groups and change your health for good.

Fast (Fried) Foods


All of us know how fast foods affect the human body, but we just don’t know “how bad” they are, to stop eating them. We think that the major danger of frying comes from the fats cooked at high temperatures producing oxidants that cause cancer. However, I have news for you. Empirical research has establish another cancer-causing substance known as acrylamide, in foods that are cooked at high temperatures, whether with or without fats. Acrylamide is produced when foods are burnt or browned, or processed or cooked using high heat. These techniques include frying, baking, barbecuing, and even by microwaving. If you must cook your foods, prefer steaming, blanch or quick stir-fry instead. This way, the foods will not contain oxidants, as you do not burn your food.

Pasteurized Milk and Dairy Products


Pasteurized milk (UHT – ultra-heat temperature) is the warming of milk to temperatures of 160 degrees or higher. This alters the milk protein substance to an inorganic structure, which cannot be absorbed by the body. When this protein cannot be separated, it debilitates the immune system, bringing on hypersensitivities and numerous different issues, similar to asthma, nasal clog, skin rash, higher blood cholesterol, expanded danger of coronary illness and stroke. Milk (and dairy items) form acid in the body. When it gets acidic, our bodies attempt to adjust the pH by drawing more calcium (basic) from our bones. After some time, more and more calcium is drawn out from your bones and in the end leads to osteoporosis. Alternative sources of calcium pick nuts, seeds, and crunchy vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and cauliflower. For newborn children, if breast milk is not accessible, substitute with goat’s milk rather, or rice milk, or almond milk

Refined Sugar


A major source of energy for humans comes from carbohydrates. We fulfill this requirement by consuming complex carbohydrates from foods like vegetables, whole grains, lentils, or beans, or from fruits. Nevertheless, with technology, man has dug out sweetness but left behind the nutrients. Refined sugar is deadly for human consumption because it has been exploited of its life forces, minerals, and vitamins, rendering it “empty”. Concentrated sugar—in the forms of brown sugar, white sugar, honey, glucose, and syrup releases sugar quickly, causing a rapid boost in our blood sugar levels when consumed. The excess sugar is deposited in the body and stored as fats. These concentrated sugars are totally devoid of valuable nutrients. As the blood sugar level rises, the pancreas also releases insulin in the blood. Surplus insulin makes you feel hungry. When you react to that desire by eating another high glycemic meal, it sets off a new series of swing in the insulin level. These increases and falls in the insulin levels will result in a decreased threshold, a condition called insulin resistance. This condition directly damages the cells and can cause very severe long-term damage to the body.

Table Salt


Table salt creates numerous untold physical problems. The body needs to intake salt but it is essential to make sure that it is in the organic form. It is tremendously toxic to the body and causes the body to hold fluid. High consumption of this substance stiffens and thickens arteries and amplifies the risks of strokes, and cardiac failure. It speeds up the rate of renal functional decline. Sodium chloride takes out calcium from your bones, which is excreted in your urine. This can result in early and painful osteoporosis, or the fracturing or thinning of your bones.

Vegetable Oils

Polyunsaturated oils, which contain vegetable oils like soy, corn, linola and canola, are advantageous on their own. However, by making them into cooking oils, they are processed and heavily refined, rendering them toxic. For a long time now, these cooking oils have been wrongly regarded as the “best healthy” choice, but specialists have now pointed out that this is a deadly mistake. After processing and refining, these valuable oils become oxidized as they are exposed to heat from the processing, consequential in the formation of trans fats and destructive free radicals ( a process called hydrogenation). Coconut oil, although regarded as unhealthy is healthier when it comes to cooking. It is because unlike other oils, coconut oil when cooked does not turn toxic. Substitutes include olive oil for sautéing or light cooking, or grape seed oil for high heat cooking.



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